[News]  Be Aware of Hackers, Scams.

Be Aware of Hackers, Scams.

Bossran would like to formally inform our loyal players that the following websites are all hacking websites. Once you download and log in through it, your game username and password will be sent automatically to the designated email of the hackers. Bossran strongly warns our loyal players not to try or use any programs of the following because we will not deal with this kind of matter since it will be hard for us to judge which is the hacker.
1. http://www.bossbug.tk/,
2. www.bosshax.tk,
3. www.bosscheats.tk,
4. www.bossbug.tk
5. www.4shared.com/file/173316392/5ba6c729/BossRan_2010__Beta_.html

Our only official website is www.bossran.com, nothing else. Please update your information and transact with our agents stated only in the official website. Don’t b easily believe others for your own benefit.

We don't use YM and other anymore, Just connect us via Livechat !