[News]  New season released ! download v3.02 patch now !!!

Warm suggestion:
Download by "flashget" software to avoid the connecting interruption.
Please quit from "flashget" when you are playing game.
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This patch is only for version 2.05 full client

Patch Date Mirror
v3.02 6.6.2014 Mirror1
v3.02 6.6.2014 Mirror2
v3.02 6.6.2014 Mirror3

Full Client Date Mirror
v3.02 6.6.2014 Mirror1
v3.02 6.6.2014 Mirror2
v3.02 6.6.2014 Mirror3

New item"The sign for newbie(7D)"for the new students,Please help them if you can
Blood tiger serice \ Final Dragon(Freeze) \  Infinite(Rainbow) \
Godzilla(Rainbow) \ Planescape(Rainbow)  weapon drop in game.
Punisher(Rainbow) \ Anomalies(Rainbow) \ Miracle \  Dragon Traces \
Genesis(Rainbow) \ Blood Tiger(Rainbow) weapon drop in game.
Black Dragon \ Elf \ Black feathers \ White feathers \ Tiger Claw \
Dragon Claw \ Genesis suit and Genesis Belt drop in game.
Fix all "no delay skill" target to 5.
Genesis Motorcycle sale in the game NPC Instrutors (MarketPlace).
Fix quick party(in any map you can party from friend list).
New command:gentle
CP system,when CP full,you will get 1.2B attack value.
HP and damage max value up to 199999.
New map: The Fairy Tale World, Mechanical Area, Magic Area
with new Monster\NPC. You can take bus line 2 to the new map.
Add 4 new Entrance of GodRm Instance Private Room.
Gunner class can save start point at PracticingYard.
Add new item slot "Belt".
If your Optimus disappeared,please pick up it from game bank again.

Add new STRIKE(Crushing Blow) items in the Mall:
Copper\Silver\ Genesis\Golden Belt
Copper\Silver\ Genesis\Golden Necklace
Copper\Silver\ Genesis\Golden Bracelet
Precious Griffin Waving Wing Red
Precious Genesis Wing Rainbow

STRIKE items increase the Hight power (STRIKE\Crushing Blow) appear rate.
What is Hight power (STRIKE\Crushing Blow)?
The attack value will be displayed with “STRIKE“, and increase 30%-35%.