[News]  v5.03 released ,click me to download the patch
Patch Date Mirror
v5.03 26.5.2016 Mirror1
v5.03 26.5.2016 Mirror2
v5.03 26.5.2016 Mirror3

This Patch is only for v3.02 full client.

New Items in Mall:
Foot Ring & New Wing & Super Almighty Ring
New Car
Summon Card Mia & Beno

Duel bet and normal duel use same window,Hold SHIFT and chose a player,
If you want duel bet you must chose “Gold” model first,
Then click “Edit” buttom,putin the gold number,Maximum 999,999,999,999.
Minimum 1 gold,default is 999 gold,After that,Click “Done” to start.
During Duel bet u can not open any function windows.
Winner will get the bet and loser will reduce the gold.
If you have not enough gold, u can not use duel bet.

After Duel bet begin,If  Inventory gold make change,the Duel bet will be pause
the one side player can not hit other side anymore,You must move out the duel range.
Click ESC in game,you can setting Play option to chose allow duel bet or not.


About Summon card:
After u use summon card,summon will follow,
if you be attacked,summon will help u to hit back.
If Summon dead,you can call it out again untile crad dispear.
You can not use summon caed in safezone\club war\duel or when u take bike.
Befor the summon box open,it can trade and drop.
After you open the summon box,the card can not trade and drop.
Summon just can attack one mob in one time.
These Summon card drop in “Crazy Square“:
Summon[Ninja Knife][1D]Box\  Summon[Cruel Jupiter][1D]Box
Summon[WindBoss][1D]Box\  Summon[baderX-01][1D]Box
Summon[baderX-02][1D]Box\  Summon[AssX-03][1D]Box
Summon[White Feather][1D]Box\  Summon[destroyer][1D]Box
Summon[Biochemical Wolf S][1D]Box\  Summon[Biochemical Bear S][1D]Box
Summon[sawtooth][1D]Box\  Summon[evilball][1D]Box
Summon[yaku01][1D]Box\  Summon[yaku02][1D]Box\  Summon[Iron Fist][1D]Box
Summon[kimonofan][1D]Box\  Summon[katana][1D]Box
Summon[Persian beauty][1D]Box\  Summon[Persian enchantress][1D]Box


Add new map "Crazy square" drop new items:
Extreme Wrath series weapon\ new transform skill book \ King of Sheep suit.
When Extreme taken Wrath series weapon, the char will change to new actions.

New skill:
Extreme Scroll of Wrath Lightspeed - must taken Wrath series weapon

Extreme Scroll of Running Machine
Extreme Scroll of You Dance For Me
Gunner Scroll of I change to Dog
Gunner Scroll of You change to Dog
Assassin Scroll of I change to Machine
Assassin Scroll of U change to Machine
Magician Scroll of Let me come down
Magician Scroll of Let you come down

Add Item Preview function,
hold Keyboard Alt + mouse left click you can Preview items in every window before you buy the items.

Add Item Link function, open the Inventory,
move the cursor on the item,then hold Keyboard CTRL + mouse right click,
then release CTRL you can put the item information into the chat
Other players click the words will see the detaile information about this item.
It works on all channel of chat.

New items and airship sale in the market place(Mr.sheep 33/39).

You can click the skill effect icon (Upper left corner) to remove the skill effect.

Take off the equipment just use right click.

Colored Names on item drops with white\bule\orange\green\pink for different level.

Edit all class can use the Magician suit.

Strengthen and weaken some skills.

Add quick stats function in the game,use this format of command:
/pow number
/dex number
/int number
/vit number
/sta number
For example: /pow 50

The new command to check the char belong which club,if show "VOID" means no club : /whoisthat charname

Upgrade the new students welcome suit and gift box.

CP Full Fate Box[10PC]
This box just effect under level 350 players. If you are level 350, please don't use it.
How to use:
Just drop off the Fate box then taken, the CP bar will full and next hit will start to critical time.
critical time is depend on the char level and CP bar value, level more high then the CP bar value more large,
For example:
The CP bar value is 2500,just divided by 200 you can got the duration time 12.5 second.
The damage value is increased to 1.2 times when the word critical appears.

1. New class: Magician class
2. Magician Weapons (Cube,Whip,Wand) and Armor drop in Persian Palaces
3. Add new Motorcycle in the Market Place
4. Add more newbie items
5. Every class add Beserk Aura skill to test
6. Fix Gunner skill effect and use bullet
7. Fix Shaman Class can use Gift of Life to other players

8. Newbie Challenge Schedule:2:10,4:10,6:10,8:10,10:10,12:10,14:10,16:10,18:10, 22:10
9. Beno challenge Schedule:1:10,3:10,5:10,7:10,9:10,11:10,13:10,15:10,17:10, 23:10
The event tickets come from the newbie gift box and Itemmix

10. The item retention time shortened to 20 seconds

Change these items into the Market Place NPC:
Pet Skin Card (6H) Giant Hawk/Pet Skin Card (6H) Geomencer
Pet Skin Card (6H) Reflector/Pet Skin Card (6H) Lion
Pet Skin Card (6H) X018/Pet Skin Card (6H) Fire XBOSS
Pet Skin Card (6H) Black XBOSS/Pet Skin Card (6H) Die-1
Pet Skin Card (6H) Die-13/Pet Skin Card (6H) Evil
Pet Skin Card (6H) Fallen Seraph/Pet Skin Card (6H) Blazing Angels Mia
Pet Skin Card (6H) Sum Style C/Pet Skin Card (6H) Guarddog

And find the GunDam you can find these items:
Royal Swordsman Hair Model (M) (7D) Box/Coast Tattoo Costum [7D]Box
Bleach Mask A(7D) Model/Bleach Mask B(7D) Mode
Kurosaki Ichigo model box(M)(7D)/King of Green Snake model box(7D)
King of White Snake model box(7D)/Naruto model box(7D)
Violence tattoos cloth (M) model set (7D)/Violence tattoos cloth (F) model set (7D)
Motor white bird model (7D)box/Motor black bird model (7D)box
Bleach captain (7D)(M)Box/ONE PIECE nicorob model(7D)(F)Box
ONE PIECE sanji model(7D)(M)Box/ONE PIECE luffy model(7D)(M)Box
ONE PIECE ronoa model(7D)(M)Box/Lastikman model(7D)(M)Box
Naruto timari model(7D)(F)Box/Naruto gaara model(7D)(M)Box
Naruto choji model(7D)(M)Box/Naruto narutox model(7D)(M)Box
Naruto yondaime model(7D)(M)Box/Naruto Mask Set 6 in 1 model Box A(M)(7D)
Naruto Mask Set 6 in 1 model Box B(M)(7D)/Beast Bone Model Box
Black Dragon headdress model (7D)/Red Rose (7D)
Superman (7D) Model Box/Spiderman (7D) Model Box
Captain America model(M)(7D) Box/Beautiful Glove D (7D)
Beautiful Glove F (7D)/Athena Toy [7D]/Blossom Toy [7D]
Robot B Toy [7D]/Robot C Toy [7D]/Robot D Toy [7D]/Pumpkin A Toy [7D]

You can take bus line 2 to the new map “Persian Palaces“, the monster will drop these items:
some new Pet Skin Card/Dark Wizard series Armor/Desert Death Type A-F 
series Armor

Precious Genesis Wing (color) name change to-> Precious Fog Wing (color)
Precious Griffin Waving Wing color name change to-> Super Eagle Wing (color)
Genesis Wing's Feather (color) name change to-> Fog Wing's Feather (color)

New slot : Foot Ring & Blood Bag
Blood Bag 1D come from Itemmix, Foot Ring come from Mall.

Leisure A-D Series Model Box \2014 easter Series Model Box \Kpop A-G Series Model Box \RIO Series Model Box \2014 Swimming Series Model Box \Half Face Mask A-H \Box Man Mercury Dasher \Thor Mercury Dasher \Gold keyboard Mercury Dasher sale in game market place NPC Lam and Instructors.

Red Storm Series weapons\Box Man Model Box\Figure Skating Model Box\Genesis FootRing drop in new map:TimeWarp

Support multiple client without sandboxie
Add new game hacker check, don't use speed up bot else you will get shutdown.