[News]  [Game time exchange to Epoints] with new rules

Old Rules:
This function cumulate the online time every day on day,
please logoff the game then refresh the page again at tomorrow morning.
Website update the data once per day at PM 24:00.

New Rules:
This page cumulate the char online time after you logoff the game.
The total online time direct show on the page, no need to wait another day.

Same Rules:
Exchange Rate: Character online 120 minutes =  1 Epoint
Example: After character online 250 minutes,
You can exchange 240 minutes to 2 Epoints,
and remain 10 minutes available to exchange Epoints in the next time.
This page cumulate the char online time after you logoff the game,
if page shows the cumulative time was wrong,
please refresh the page again.
This function running perfect in the past years,
We never met any error on this function.
If you use cheat tools, your time will lost cumulate.
Just leave the cheat tools, your time will be normal.
We suggest you AFK in Market Place or Camp
because it's no mob maps and no pk maps.

Double Event:
Now Active! Now Active!! Now Active!!!
Example: You char online 10 minutes,
Ater you logoff the game, you can check the webpage:
[Game time exchange to Epoints] already added 20 minutes.
How to check it's normal time or double time?
(1) Logoff the game then Login web and go [Game time exchange to Epoints]
(2) Record how many minutes you has.
(3) Login to the game map, then start timing 10 minutes plus 10 second.
(4) Logoff the game, and reload webpage
(5) If increase 10 minutes that means its normal online time.
(6) If increase 20 minutes that means its double event online time.