[News]  Xmas update released, Pls download Manual Patch v0129

4 New maps: Courtyard/Competition/Wreckage/Castle in the busline 2.
Competition Map drop Blue Dragon\Ice Spring series weapon.
Courtyard Map drop 46 kind of new suit.
Wreckage Map drop Scorpion\RoyalGold\Redset series weapon and new suit.
Castle Map drop Spray series weapon.
Market Place add new NPC to sale new items.
HP and Damage upper limit to 588888.

Item mall and item exchange page add new items:
New Motorcycle\cars\Dragon Box
New Wings

New slot : Kneepads, freebie from top up.
The sum of the attack and attack grinding is maximum upgrade to +303
Hp is maximum upgrade to +24100

Patch Date Mirror
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror1
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror2
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror3
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror4
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror5
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror6
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror7
v0129 2021 1217 Mirror8