[News]  New update: Auto UpLevel Card、Stack 、Skill Tray
(1) Item Mall add 【Auto UpLevel Card[7D][Untradeable]】,
This item can not trade & drop,But can save to locker.
(2) Item Mall add 【8*EXP Kneepad[1D][Can Be Mixed on Kneepad]】
(3) New students Gift Box add 【New Student Auto UpLevel Card[7D]】
(4) Skill Tray change F1-F10 to F1-F7.
(5) Pet skill Attack have bug before, so we reduce the attack and defense for now.
(6) Edit Magican Skills effect to avoid Bugtrap.
(7) Fix Leo suit invisible bug.
(8) Fix right click Kneepad do not auto take on.
(9) Stack of New Talisman\Arrow\Bullets up to 30000/30000.(Active after Fridays maintenance).

This patch is only for version v0129 full client

Patch Date Mirror
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror1
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror2
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror3
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror4
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror5
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror6
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror7
v0135 2022 0330 Mirror8

Solution for Launcher game get Error Number : 2 or 5  please check this news