[News]  New patch released: Game\Skill\Map optimization

(1) Disable start/return card in PracticingYard, Pls use bus station to move out.
(2) Edited item [Donated Epoints Sign][2D/3D/5D] EXP rate to *12/*14/*16.

(3) Edited Attendance 3/6/9 days to 3/4/5 days , added synopsis on Pic.

(4) Edited skill : [change to Dog/Machine/Dance for me] disable to move the char.

(5) Edited skill effect for Gunner class [Lightning Slaughter Clay] to reduce Lag. Fixed Asssassin class sickle skill [world dance] can not stop.

(6) Setting Point Type A/B/C to Blue name and Valuable, then you can use pet skill [Rare items] to pick it up.

(7) Edited Zombie Market/Bamboo Forest/Competition/Courtyard/Wreckage/Castle map gate to reduce Lag and c++ error, and active start point save on College Representative.
(8) Announcement for newly Char\Club.
(9) Dismiss Club time change 1 day to 10 sec.

This patch is only for version 0129-0141 full client

Patch Date Mirror
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror1
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror2
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror3
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror4
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror5
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror6
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror7
v0142 2022 0629 Mirror8

Solution for Launcher game get Error Number : 2 or 5  please check this news