[News]  Released:Damage hold 1 sec skill + No LAG patch!
(1)We chose some skills for [Damage hold 1 sec] for all class, it will be more interesting. But it just for test, if we found any bugs will rollback.
(2)Fixed transparent bug : Big chicken model box [7D]\Sexly Bikini [7D]Model Box.
(3)Made more items can be stack with 30000, save more space.
(4)New VIP item Super Almighty Ring [Limited] Light Blue\Pink, you can get it via item exchange page.
(5)Item name ★ change to `
(6)Only our server made the most effective way to prevent lag:we created two new button in game, after you  turn on the left one, all players cloth\pants\hat\wing\ring\belt will change to same suit to prevent lag. after you  turn on the right one, all skills effect will hide to prevent lag.
(7)Fixed beno wing bug.
(8)Change Megaphone price from 5,000,000/per to 1,000,000 and you can input how many you want to buy.

This patch is only for version 0129-0145 full client

Patch Date Mirror
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror1
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror2
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror3
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror4
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror5
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror6
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror7
v0146 2022 0719 Mirror8

Solution for Launcher game get Error Number : 2 or 5  please check this news