[News]  Super Class released and game setting adjustments

(1)Players report that cheater use potions to achieve super high recovery,so we have removed Rejuvenation items in NPC and game drop to avoid unfairness.On the other hand, reducing the drops of these items will help reduce server lag.
(2)Ingame Npc added 10% HPSPMP Recovery-Rate FootRing [30D] for help players, Newbie gift box added Newbie Recovery-Rate [30D] FootRing and new top level permanent weapons/armor.
(3)For smooth flow of players and avoid the waste of server resources,each IP address is allowed to login with 20 account,  the overflow accounts will be disable for login.
(4)After dismiss the club, the dissolution cannot be cancelled.
(5)Added all game function to almost NPC/Bus station. Modified the stylefor bus/taxi station.
(6)Adjust bus stops, the first line have most commonly used maps.
(7)Remove all tasks to avoid bugs. Every Classes have same one task and get same 1000 stats.
(8)Closed three CW maps, just reserved one E-room and make 3x gifts for winner.
(9)Added 1F to 12F maps for only drop: Armors\Weapons\Skill Books\Epoints.  And if you want to going to the 9F-10F Epoint Room you need ticket. BTW, 9F-10F Epoint Entry Card[1H]  mean this item will dispear after 1 hour, but your char can keep in the Room, but if you change the map or be killed or logoff the game, you will be removed out.
(10)1F/2F-Newbie maps can not PK. If you more than 280 level you can not get EXP. So we closed newbie channel.
(11)Skills no need Talisman\Arrow\Bullets anymore.
(12)Add pet card delete function in the website [same page with Delete Bike/Pet in Inventory] and you can use cycle/pet remove card to remove pet and bike.
(13)Added New Class: Super Class,  learened Fighter\Arms\Archer\Spirit\Scientist\Assassin all skills and could use these class all weapons. You can update to Super Class via our web function  [Update to Super Class], and that is the only way to get new class.  There will be more interesting for research new combo skills. Char Reborn number\Level\EXP\Stat Points will keep same.
(14)Super Class skills: Gift of Life 5%, Berserk Aura 9% but just can used on self. EC Berserk Aura can not used on Super Class.
(15)Becasue players used bot in the Instance Map and GM can not track, they made some bugs to the server LAG, so we removed the Instance Map.
(16)Hp Max limited from 666666 to688888, attack still keep 666666.
(17)Removed video setting for avoid game client crash.
(18)After the maintenance (December 19, 2023), if you use speedhack bot, all records will be stored on the server. The technical department will ban accounts who used that. We do not accept any explanation. The unban fee is 5000 epoints, please understand.

Patch Date Mirror
v0154 2023 1220 Mirror7
v0154 2023 1220 Mirror8

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