[News]  How to use GCASH for fast and easy donations?
Donation Value: 1 peso = 1 point 

Step 1: Download GCASH App 

Step 2: Register Globe number to GCASH (they can use other networks like smart however it is faster to transact using GLOBE) 

Step 3: Open App and Select Send Money 
Step 4: Select Send to Bank 
Step 5: Select [Security Bank] 
Step 6: Enter the AMOUNT, About ACCOUNT NAME and ACCOUNT NUMBER please contact Livechat to get details.

After your remittance, please contact Livechat and submit your donation details as the following format. (Or you can send SMS to agent cellphone with number 09085850836 and submit your donation details as the following format):
GCASH APP: Date, Time, Code( or Ref No. Leave it if you have not), Amount, User ID.
For example:
GCASH APP: Jan-18-2017, 13:57:52, Ref No.XXXXXX, Php5000.00,  User ID: Nicegame918.

* "User ID" means Game login ID or Game Account.
Our mobile number 09085850836 can not recive GCASH.


Welcome to use our LiveChat:

Office Time:
Monday - Saturday [10:00 AM - 21:30 PM]
Sunday [Non-working time]
You can send a SMS to 09085850836 if server crashed or emergency.