[News]  How to use GCASH for fast and easy donations?

Donation Value: 1 peso = 1 point 
The way of Philippines remittance will be through [Gcash] or [Security Bank] or [Paypal] or
International transfer(worldremit\remitly\skrill):

(1) We suggest you use GCASH App:
If the donation amount under 20k
Please Chose Gcash APP->Send Money->Express Send:
Acc Number: 09085850836   Name: Wei Li
You can always send to this Gcash number without asking,
Please let Livechat know if you get message:
"This transaction will exceed the recipients monthly incoming limit."
Then we will give you the new number, thank you.

If the donation amount more than 20k
Please Chose Gcash APP->Send Money->Send to Bank->Security Bank->


After donate, Please submit the information in accordance with the following format
then Agent will top up more quickly:
The way of donate, Date, Time, Amount, Your game Login ID.
For example:
GCASH APP: Jan-18-2021, 13:57:52, Php5000.00,  User ID: Nicegame918.
If once top up more than 5k, please let Agent know which freebie you want.
The minimum donation amount is 500 php.

Welcome to use our LiveChat:

Office Time:
Monday - Saturday [10:00 AM - 21:30 PM]
Sunday [Non-working time but you can use livechat offline system]
You can send a SMS to 09085850836 if server crashed or emergency.

This server is lifetime free and only for study purpose.
It is not for profit. Player can voluntarily donate through the following modes of remittance,
Thanks for your donations to our server, may you enjoy the game.
Terms of remittance for donations
(1) Before your donation, please do understand, your donation will be used for the operational investment of the best server and the purchase or upgrading of the hardware and software for better game environment. Besides, every year end, the surplus of donations will be donated to the international recognized Red Cross anonymously to help the children of poor areas. (2) This server is not responsible for the loss of the remittance’s failure due to player’s personal reason. The server will also not answer for expenses or loss incurred in the inter-transactions among players. (3) If the players need to transact the game items in between, we don’t guarantee the transaction and also don’t accept payments in behalf of players. Players shall be responsible by themselves for the loss might be incurred then. The remittance of donator shall only load for his own accounts, not for others’ account. This server shall not be liable for the loss or dispute may be incurred.